Hello and Welcome to the August 2017 edition of the CFF newsletter. Within this newsletter we aim to bring you up to speed with what is happening out and about in the markets. Although this summer has been not as great as first promised there is still plenty of great produce out there to shout about and with Autumn only around we have got an abundance of great products to look forward to.

As to be expected all major salad items are doing reasonably well at the moment both in price and quality. Keep an eye out for when we have Forsyth cherry vine tomato as they brilliant. We are currently sourcing little gem from a producer called growell in Lancashire and the lettuce is coming superb and we highly recommend to have a look if you are not already using gem.

The fruit situation is a little bit more complicated at the moment. Strawberries blackberries and blueberries are all in abundance at the moment and for outdoor crops the quality is looking good. Raspberries however are proving to be abit trickier at the moment as the fruit is struggling in certain areas and prices are higher than what we see around this time of year. English cherry is coming to an end and the fruit is now becoming short and prices are expected to take a significant rise in price our advise is get in there now while there is still a bit around, American cherry will take over once the English has gone but it will be big money.

Bad news on the horizon with regards to melons. High temperatures on the continent early in the summer saw bumper crops of melons ripen early and we are staring to see the aftermath with stocks rapidly depleting and prices staring to rise. This situation is not expect to improve until early September when we expect to see some fruit from south America which will hopefully bring the price down.

Some brighter news is that both cauli and broccoli are doing well and the quality is looking great from our local growers. Listen out for when we have Romanesco on special because there is an abundance around at the minute and the prices are looking really good. Please be aware that both English peas and broad beans are now starting to finish, it hasn’t been a great season for both this year and it coming to a sharp end.

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