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Prep - Aubergine Diced6mmx 2.5Kg7121
Prep - Aubergine Slicedx 1Kg41002
Prep - Aubergine Slicedx 2.5Kg33019
Prep - Beans Top & Tailedx Kg35037
Prep - Beetroot Diced10mmx 1Kg41007
Prep - Beetroot Diced10mmx 2.5Kg7008
Prep - Beetroot Slicedx 1Kg33018
Prep - Beetroot Slicedx 2.5Kg33021
Prep - Brocolli Floretsx 1Kg41008
Prep - Brocolli Floretsx 2.5Kg4030
Prep - Butternut SquashPeeledx 2.5Kg28157
Prep - Butternut Squash Diced10mmx 1Kg7005
Prep - Butternut Squash Diced10mmx 2.5Kg7012
Prep - Butternut Squash Diced20mmx 1Kg41009
Prep - Butternut Squash Diced20mmx 2.5Kg7010
Prep - Cauliflower &Brocollix 2.5Kg5142
Prep - Cauliflower Floretx 1Kg41026
Prep - Cauliflower Floretx 2.5Kg5029
Prep - Cruditex 1Kg41040
Prep - Cruditex 2.5Kg5036
Prep - Cucumber Diced10mmx 1Kg41041
Prep - Cucumber Diced10mmx 2.5Kg7030
Prep - Cucumber Dicedx 6mmx Kg7153
Prep - Fennel Slicedx 1Kg41042
Prep - Fennel Slicedx 2.5Kg33037
Prep - Potato SweetSlicedx 2.5Kg33254
Prep - Potato SweetPeeledx 2.5Kg28089
Prep - Pumpkin Diced20mmx 2.5Kg7136
Prep - Sprout Peeledx 1Kg41122
Prep - Tomato Diced10mmx 2.5Kg7096
Prep - Tomato Diced10mmx 1Kg41134
Prep - Tomato Salsax 1Kg41135
Prep - Tomato Salsax 2.5Kg35006
Prep - Tomato Slicedx Kg33165
Prep - Turnip Diced10mmx 1Kg41140
Prep - Turnip Diced10mmx 2.5Kg7098
Prep - Turnip Diced20mmx 1Kg41141
Prep - Turnip Diced20mmx 2.5Kg7100
Prep - Courgette Diced10mmx 1Kg41038
Prep - Courgette Diced10mmx 2.5Kg7028
Prep - Courgette Diced6mmx 2.5Kg7128
Prep - Courgette Slicedx 1Kg41039
Prep - Courgette Slicedx 2.5Kg33035
Prep - Courgette Turnedx 141138
Prep - Iceburg Shreddedx 500g33240
Prep - Lettuce Iceburg Shreddedx 1Kg41046
Prep - Lettuce Iceburg Shreddedx 2.5Kg33039
Prep - Mixed Leaf PicleafSpecialx 500g28072
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