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Prep - Celery Batonx 1Kg41028
Prep - Celery Batonx 2.5Kg4034
Prep - Celery Diced10mmx 1Kg41029
Prep - Celery Diced10mmx 2.5Kg7024
Prep - Celery Diced6mmx 1Kg41030
Prep - Celery Diced6mmx 2.5Kg7026
Prep - Celery Dicedx 20mmx 2.5Kg7147
Prep - Celery Slicedx 1Kg41031
Prep - Celery Slicedx 2.5Kg33031
Prep - Celeriac Diced10mmx 1Kg41027
Prep - Celeriac Diced10mmx 2.5Kg7022
Prep - Celeriac Jengax 2.5Kg19027
Prep - Celeriac Peeledx 2.5Kg28077
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