October Produce News 2023

October Produce News 2023


Overall, the availability from Holland has improved in relation to previous weeks whilst the UK local production remain limited and will soon be coming to an end all together. Nevertheless, Spain has been slowly increasing the volume on offer as a result, we have seen the prices dropping. The quality of the Dutch is still decent while the Spanish is very good and becoming better every week.



The volume is now beginning to ease back with old crops in Spain almost finished and new crops in the coast of Almeria just starting.  On the other hand, due to the high temperatures there is a high % of larger sizes and not so much available on the medium to small sizes. Therefore, we are beginning to see a differential on prices based on the most favourable sizes which are not as plentiful to the larger sizes that is more on offer.

We anticipate the prices will keep slowly rising as the UK local production is also now quickly declining.

Quality overall is generally good.



Not a lot has changed this week as Dutch and UK production is still available with steady supply as the current weather conditions are also helping the crops to keep producing decent yield. The quality can now be found a little mixed and shorter shelf life in some cases. Meanwhile, the Spanish continue with limited volume on offer at the same time as the summer crops are virtually finished. The few consignments coming through this week have been good and improving from the last couple of weeks older summer crops which generally were a little pale in colouration. This sometimes can also be found with new crops cucumbers due to the high temperatures and the amount of water needed to irrigate the plants. This led to fast growing too and in consequence it becomes pale in colouration rather quickly as the fruit retain a high % of water when a much higher dry matter is needed.



Similarly to last week there has been good volume available on mainly red and green colours. The volume on yellow and orange has also improved but still in limited supply. Prices on red and green are rather competitive and whilst yellow and orange are slightly cheaper than last week but keeping high levels.

Dutch quality is becoming mixed and average at times with more class 2 becoming evident and thinner walls on peppers from the older crops which become soft rather quickly and as a result shorter shelf life.

The Spanish have yet limited volume across all colours and with early picking only mainly medium to small sizes with not so much large available just yet.  It will be another 3-4 weeks before Spanish get into full swing in terms of because most planting for this winter was delayed by 2-3 weeks in relation to previous seasons. Nonetheless, the quality of first few consignments received have been good.


 Standard loose round tomatoes:

Prices remain higher than we would expect for this time of year, this is due to low yield available from both Dutch and Uk growers. We even saw Polish tomatoes being offered last week in an effort to plug the gap. The quality is generally good however we are seeing a significant amount of backward colour product being sent as a lot of growers are harvesting early to push product into a high price market. QC will keep an eye out for this and have been instructed to reject product significantly backward in colour. We don’t expect many changes next week and don’t realistically see any improvement in availability until the Spanish fully come into the market.


Cherry on the Vine:

Volume available remains steady but has been tight on certain days, this is causing the price to rather volatile. Quality overall is good with perhaps still some slightly lighter in colour in some individual fruits at the end of some trusses by growers again having to pick a little earlier to meet demand.

 Heritage Tomatoes:

No real changes as limited UK volume still available and just enough to meet demand. The quality within the mix is still generally good and we expect prices to remain high. We expect UK product to come to an end at the end of this month or early November, Spanish should be available to fill the gap.


Cherry Tomatoes:

Product continues to be in a rather difficult situation which is not likely to change now until new crops start soon in the coast of Almeria in Spain and Agadir in Morocco. The summer crops are virtually finished, very little left and very mixed quality. Some older crops have shown enough strength to show a slight come back but nowhere near enough to meet demand.

We expect the situation to slowly start improving the week after next and then quickly become normal by week 44. There are no changes on prices which remain very strong and in high record double figures.

Quality under the circumstances is holding well and the growers are doing the best they can to avoid issues upon arrival although some isolated split fruit and lighter colour end can be evident, more so on the baby pilum.


Sweet Pointed, Padron & Chillies Peppers:

The Dutch pointed pepper volume carries on being steady and holding the prices at the same levels. New Spanish crops are just starting and there has been a little coming through this week and the quality appears to be very good.

Chilli peppers remain limited in supply and continue with high prices, particularly the red more even so than the green.



The UK local production is now beginning to drop and drop quite significantly, as a result the prices have been increasing sharply over the past two weeks. The quality is generally fine and we estimate for prices to continue at similar levels next week. Prices will continue to rise until the Spanish crop enters the market around the start of November.



No changes as UK local production remain the same and enough volume as well as steady quantity of Spanish keep coming through also of very good quality.  We do not expect any changes to availability or quality.



UK production has levelled off but availability in general is fine. We anticipate the current price levels to remain stable for the next 2- 4 weeks. Quality and size is looking great.


Sweet Potatoes:

There is good availability across all sizes coming from Egypt and at competitive prices.

Quality is still holding well.



No changes as the steady UK local production continues.  Volume in imported summer crops are beginning to quickly ease back as crops are coming to an end. Prices remain generally stable but on the high side.


Lollo Rosso, Red Oak Leaf and Frisse:

UK production is beginning to come to an end, Spanish crop is not yet in full swing and as a result is leaving a void. Availability is OK but we are starting to see prices rise. We do expect this will ease back down as we enter into the Southern European growing season.


Savoy Cabbage:

There is still decent volume of local crop. Prices and quality remain great and are expected to continue throughout the month.



The volume is now rapidly decreasing as both Argentina and RSA are coming to an end. The quality is now also very indifferent. No changes as prices for the best quality and more popular sizes are increasing. The first Spanish Primafiori are becoming now available and we expect volume to slowly keep increasing over the next few weeks, as Spanish fruit increases in volume, prices will begin to fall back.



Only very limited volume of Spanish left but are rapidly coming to an end. No real changes on the prices that have been steady and holding the same levels, particularly on the most favourable sizes.

Overall, the quality is holding reasonably well considering the time of the season.


Galia, Cantaloup and Honeydew melons:

Significant problems on the above, hardly any volume of any of these products coming out of Spain, which appears to have come to an abrupt end.

The prices are likely to remain very high until the first imported South American season become available over the coming weeks.


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