Crop Report Week 43 2023

Crop Report Week 43 2023

WEEK 43:


We are now rapidly approaching the time of year when we switch from northern European crop to southern European and North African crops. As is expected this can be a rather turbulent time for both price and quality as we finish with one and start with another. Be assured that our QC is aware and extra checks are being made on products that are affected by the transition. Products to be aware of are salads, berries, peppers, cucumbers, courgettes to name a few.

The weather has been cooling down in Spain and Morocco in relation to previous weeks which it has been welcome for most crops just starting and due to start.

The temperature in Spain has dropped down to 22/23 degrees during the day and around 16/17 degrees at night with also some light rain in the last day or so and some cloudy spells expected next week.

In Morocco the temperatures are very much the same although some rain is expected during the early part of next week.

As for the weather in the UK the current wet and unsettled weather will now rapidly bring to conclusion production of most crops, particularly open field crops. Heavy rains will also affect availability of certain lines and as a result certain prices may spike.


Dutch production coming to an end however reasonably high volume of early Spanish crop is available following rather warm weather. Quality and price has been fine. Nevertheless, this will be likely to change next week as with the temperatures cooling down it will reduce production. Prices will be likely to increase steadily as the next few weeks go on.


As the UK and Dutch summer crops are now virtually finished, there is just the new crops in the coast of Almeria starting as similarly to aubergines the weather has brought volume forward a little earlier in past couple of weeks but is now decreasing as temperatures cool. As a result, we will see less volume being offered next week, particularly towards the end of

the week and price levels have already started escalate rather quickly. In the meantime, UK local production is rapidly decreasing and ending very soon.

The overall quality of Spanish is very good and should continue that way whilst the weather remains settled.


Dutch and local UK production is soon coming to an end and although there is steady volume still available, it is expected it will rapidly decrease within the next week or so. Spanish have not yet started in full flow, there is not yet a great deal volume available, particularly of the smaller sizes and prices have steadily been increasing as buyers begin to start switching to Spanish considering the Dutch and UK quality is also rather mixed and is resulting in a shorter shelf life.

Spanish is not expected to be fully under way until week 45 onwards. Next week we expect prices to continue the same or perhaps increase slightly.


This week we have seen Dutch production significantly drop in yield and across all colours.

There is low volume left and what there is, is medium to particularly small sizes as crops are coming to an end. The overall quality is deteriorating on Dutch crops, and price levels vary considerably depending on quality and size which is rather limited availability. Meanwhile, the Spanish production is increasing but still very slow as planting took place later than previous season. We do not anticipate the Spanish to be in full flow until week 45/46, prices on the markets will be volatile between now and these weeks.

The good news is that with the cooling temperatures in Spain, we expect the quality to be excellent once in full flow.

Standard loose round tomatoes:

Availability from Holland is decreasing rapidly and we are starting to see quality defects on products coming in as we approach the end of the season. QC is aware and are making stringent checks on all Dutch tomato deliveries. Local UK production is all but finished. On the other hand, the winter crops from Mainland Spain, Morocco and Egypt are just starting but with very low volume. We obviously expect the volume to keep increasing but only steadily over the next couple of weeks and all sources are not likely to be fully in production until the middle of November. Prices are currently relatively high compared with previous years but we don’t expect them to rise further.

Beef tomatoes:

There has been low volume from Belgium and Holland and as a result at one-point prices went into high double figures. They have eased back slightly but no doubt they will remain rather expensive with limited supply until Spain and Morocco start some exports which are not likely to be reasonable in terms of volume until the middle of next month.

The quality is holding reasonably well but the higher colour spec is showing more tenderness.

Plum tomatoes:

Hardly anything left out of Dutch and Belgium crops which are rapidly coming to an end whilst only very little Spanish have just started from new crops in Almeria. Prices are expensive and despite some resistance it will continue at high levels due to the lack of availability which will be challenging during the change over period until we see more decent volume coming through in about 3 weeks from now. The good news is that the quality of the early season Spanish crops will be excellent.

Heritage Tomatoes:

There is limited volume available from Uk growers. Some of the quality within the mix is becoming more difficult. We should be ready to switch from UK to Spanish within the next couple of weeks.


UK local supply is coming to an end and following the recent wet weather conditions it will accelerate the ending even faster. Meanwhile, there is yet very limited Spanish crop becoming available as most of the growers have not even started cutting yet. As a result, prices have increased further and will be likely to continue rather strong for at least a couple of weeks until supply improves.

We have already started with limited volume of Spanish and the quality on the first consignments have been good. Over the next few weeks we will switch fully onto Spanish crop.


There is limited availability as the recent local wet weather and constant rain has made matters worse. Prices are high and will remain strong as Spanish crops have not yet started and we may be dependent on French products for the next couple of weeks. Quality on the French is excellent but the size is average.


There is stable UK local production still available, and prices remain stable. Certainly one to recommend over the next few weeks for stability on both quality and price.


There is less volume available than previous weeks however savoy prices have held up and quality remains good. Another product to recommend over the next week or so. Good hispi also available. We also have some brilliant local kale at fantastic prices, this really is a brilliant product to recommend over the next few weeks as an alternative to either cauli or broc.


All berries are affected currently as we are switching between seasons. Strawberries are especially affected as the UK is now reliant on either Dutch or Belgium growers, costs have hit £10 kg today and are expected to remain there for the next week or so. This situation is not expected to significantly improve until Spanish or Egyptian enter the markets towards the end of November.


UK carrot production is now in full swing. We are working closely with Poskitts farm and collecting fresh product several time a week. Quality is looking fine and the price is where we would expect for this time of year.


All melon varieties are higher in price than where we would expected them to be for this time of year. This is down to crops in South America affected by heavy rains and forcing prices up on alternative growing regions.

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